Business Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday - 10am-4pm
***Closed Sundays

***Closed Mondays 



Flavors include:
Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry swirl, raspberry swirl, cherry swirl, blueberry swirl, pumpkin spice, blackberry swirl, chocolate chip, mint chip, cannoli., kahlua, apple crumb

Our cakes are made with all natural, fresh ingredients, real butter and only the best ingredients.

Cake Flavors:                         Best frosting options:

Vanilla Cake -                      Vanilla, almond, chocolate, peanut butter
Chocolate Cake  -                  Peanut Butter, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, almond, mint
Strawberry Cake -                Vanilla, strawberry, cream cheese, champagne
Almond Cake-                     Raspberry, vanilla, almond, blackberry (flavor not                                                                                  available for tastings)
Carrot Cake -                      Vanilla, cream cheese, cinnamon buttercream
Hummingbird Cake -            Vanilla, cream cheese, cinnamon buttercream
Triple Berry Cake -              Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cream cheese, vanilla
Red Velvet Cake -               Chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese
Pumpkin Spice -                  Vanilla, cream cheese, cinnamon cream cheese

Apple Spice Cake -               Cream Cheese, cinnamon buttercream
Mint Chip Cake -                Chocolate, mint, chocolate chip drizzle
Ginger Pear Cake -              Caramel Buttercream(naked cake look), cream cheese

This is one of the biggest events of your life, it is never too early to make arrangements!!

We would be happy to set up a tasting with you and your fiance`. The tasting fee is $10 per couple. Please let us know what you are most interested in and we would be happy to make you sample size item(s). If you decide to book with us, the tasting fee will be voided or credited toward your cake cost. We strive to work within all budgets. With our wide range of products, we can make an elaborate cake to cupcakes, cookies, pies and more.

If you decide to choose our bakery for your event, you will need to pay 50%  of your event cost which is non refundable at the time of booking. When your date has been reserved, we will no longer be accepting orders for your date and there will be no refund for a cancelled event or order. This will give you all our time to devote towards your special day!

Thank you for choosing to work with our bakery!!!






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