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Tuesday - Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 9-6pm
Sunday: 9am-4pm
**Closed Mondays**

Cakes and Cupcakes

Cake or Cupcake Flavors
vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, almond (white), chocolate peanut butter, pumpkin spice,
Specialty Cake Flavors: Starting at $4 more for cake and $1 to cupcakes
Hummingbird Cake (banana, pecan, cream cheese frosting), Carrot Cake (carrots, pecans, cream cheese frosting),
Cannoli Cake (ricotta, nuts, cream cheese frosting), Pina Colada Cake (pineapples, cherries, coconut),
Coconut Cake (all coconut), Black Forrest Cake, Boston Cream Pie

Photo Printing available - please contact for pricing




6" Cakes

Starting at  $20.00 (2 layer)
Starting at  $28.00 (3 layer)


8" Cakes
Starting at  $26.00 (2 layer)

Starting at  $34.00 (3 layer)


10" Cakes
Starting at  $30.00 (2 layer)
Starting at  $40.00 (3 layer)




Mini Cupcakes - Starting at $1.00


minimum 24 cupcake order

Regular size - Starting at $2.00


minimum 12 cupcake order

Large (muffin size) - Starting at  $3.00


minimum 12 cupcake order


Cakes (see prices below)  Cupcakes - Starting at .50 more per cupcake

Mousse - Starting at  $4.00 (keep in mind these cupcakes would need to be refrigerated)


chocolate, vanilla, almond, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, lemon

Fresh Fruit - Starting at  $6.00


add strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, triple fruit, lemon, raspberry, cinnamon apple, tart cherry, pina colada (pineapple, cherry juice, coconut)

Sheet Cakes
Quarter Sheet - Starting at  $28.00
Half Sheet -        Starting at  $45.00
Full Sheet -        Starting at  $75.00
Half Sheet - 2 Layer - Starting at $65.00



Dairy free options available

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